Arizona Senior Health Insurance Solutions

Arizona Senior Health Insurance Solutions was created by George Resley, a licensed insurance broker who for over ten years has dedicated his practice to listening to his customers, providing them with the latest industry services, and by carrying a wide array of products from a multitude of insurance companies that provide his customers with insurance and financial-related products that will help them stay healthy and enjoy their life to the fullest.

We are dedicated to educating and providing older Arizona residents with knowledge, products, and strategies that will protect their investments and savings from losses due to volatile markets, taxation, probate court or an extended illness.

In Arizona, there are a wide array of Senior Health Insurance Plans. The many options available to you include health insurance plans for people that have certain health conditions, health insurance plans for people who like to travel the United States and foreign countries , health insurance plans for those who want to seek out the best treatment from doctors throughout the United States that accept Medicare, and health insurance plans for people with lower incomes that receive extra help.

Arizona Senior Health Insurance Solutions provides insurance solutions for seniors, the under 65 community, and provides other insurance and investment options related to the insurance field. We cater to the following:

  • Arizona Senior Citizen Health Insurance
  • Arizona Medicare
  • Senior Healthcare and Insurance for Arizona Seniors
  • Under 65 Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Planning

 Planning for your Retirement? We can help!

We live in a time of economic uncertainty. What do you think of the economy? Did you lose money in the market downturns of 2007 and 2008? Have you made that money back yet? Do you believe in the near future that taxes are going to go up or down? Do you have a strategy in place that will prevent losses and take advantage of opportunities? I do.

Are there strategies for preventing taxes, lost benefits, and inflation from destroying your financial future?

Yes, there are such strategies, and I have them.

Contact us and schedule an appointment and learn about these strategies today!!


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